Shanty Town Chic from Come Tees


Maybe its just one of the first signs of aging. Perhaps one just gradually slips out of the know. But I don't like it yet I can't look away.

As I walked into the office in the Garment District (the energy devoid space between Times Square & Herald Square) I realized I had seen this Come Tee sweater at least 1 or 2 times (albeit not nearly as clean as this particular one). Admittedly, it wasn't this exact Come Tee sweater but those of its ilk, the mundane rags donned by the homeless who go about their daily business in and around Bryant Park, occupying the sidewalks with carts, mattresses, bags of cans fished out of the trash; engaged in conversations with unseen accomplices, friends and foes. 

Ripped, distressed, whatever, I get it. And I can certainly see the appeal of the look. But what are the rules for wearing. Can one sport a ripped shirt & pair of pants? Is their a max on the number of holes that can safely be worn for the office? Can you simply double this number on the weekends? What about distressed shoes or sneakers? Socks? Undergarments?

So many questions. So few answers. 

A. J. Barrister