Intro to Wet Shaving

Taylor of Old Bond Street

Why have we made shaving so complicated? I often tell myself: 'K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid)'. Ignore the marketing noise. More blades may increase speed but it also increases chance of irritation.

Wash/exfoliate your face prior to shaving. Take a page from the master barbers by prepping the beard further with a nice hot face towel. Use a pre-shave oil. Reach for an exceptional shaving cream such as Taylor's. (Note: If you're in a hurry Aveeno works well.) Now you're ready to shave with a double edge razor loaded with a quality blade. The combo of a Parker 24c razor & a Shark DE razor is exceptional. Always shave using short, quick strokes with the grain (WTG). For a closer shave, consider a second pass across the grain (XTG). This next point can't be stressed enough. Minimize the number of passes and take your time. (The speed will come.)  Once done wash your face and follow-up with a great aftershave balm. Art of Shaving, Nivea, Aveeno, Baxter of California and Gillette offer some great choices. Ok. Still confused? Check out this great instructional video (and product push) from Bevel (see link below). 

What has worked best for you? Share your routine. 

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