Glass Speakers for All

The problem: you have a small space but you need big sound. And that old drop-your-phone-in-a-cheap-mug-trick you picked up watching Insecure won't cut it. 

In New York or any other city space, you're paying for location. In a small space you need to be selective with what you buy for your pad. Form and function is key. You want your speakers to look good but sound better. 

Voila three choices for your consideration. Each has a small footprint, improves your pad's aesthetic and your playlist. (Don't worry we won't judge you for having more than two Drake tracks on there.) 

The first is directed toward those with guaranteed contracts (or living in their mom's basement rent-free)! Now that's how you impress female guests one track at a time. 

Waterfall Audio "Niagara" Diamond Glass Floor Standing Loudspeakers $38K


Sony’s LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker $800


sony speakers

Harman KardonSoundSticks III $170

Harman Kardon Speakers