Timberland Earthkeepers

Who among us hasn't owned a pair of Timberland boots? From the construction boots to the preppy lace ups (aka lug browns) you may have a few pairs in your closet. Notwithstanding worthy entries from other brands each year, Timberland is the go-to brand, the franchise pick. 

You don't need to be an engineer to know the importance of a strong foundation. Pick the right boot and the rest of your look will come together nicely. Throw on some wack boots? Well, you know the rest.

More than style, your winter boots need to functional. Consider the requirements: keep your feet dry, keep you from slipping on wet subway station platforms, provide you with ankle support when you're standing in line at the club (or Trader's Joes)!!! The Timeberland Earthkeepers were good last year and they're greater this year.

Oh back to the construction Tims. If these are your go-to for weddings, happy hours or anything non-construction and your friends haven't held an intervention you need new friends. 


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